Step 1: Find a Realtor

You need to find a knowledgeable Realtor with proven success to sell your home.  They should have a plan of attack on how they plan to uniquely market your home.  Once you select the Realtor you want to use, you will sign a contract to list your home for sale.

Step 2: Assess Your Property Value

The first question most people want to know from their Realtor is how much can I sell my home for?  Your Realtor will figure this out by running a CMA report to compare your home to other recently sold homes.  With this information your Realtor will come up with a price to list your home.

Step 3: Property Repairs

Another important area where your Realtor can guide you is finding ways to add more value to your home.  This might consist of repairing or replacing things around your home to help in selling the home for a higher price.

Step 4: Staging Your Home

Having your home staged for showings is very important in helping them be successful.  This can be a lot of work, but it makes a huge difference and it can make your home a step above others on the market.  Your Realtor will aid you in knowing what needs done for showings.

Step 5: Home Offers

When you get an offer on your home it is important to review it and respond quickly.  Your Realtor will explain all the different parts of the contract and negotiate for you if needed.  Once all parties agree the contract is signed and the home is now under contract!

Step 6: Closing

Once all the contingencies that were in the contract are completed it will be time for settlement.  At settlement you will sign the new deed, closing disclosure, and other necessary documents.  You will then get a check for any remaining money you made on the sale and you officially sold your home!

I'm Interested in Selling My Home